Editorial support from a literary agent's perspective.

Based in New York, Fresh Ink Book Editing provides developmental editing for writers. Our background is in literary agenting, which means our advice is geared toward not only making your manuscript editorially sound, but also to making it salable.

Fresh Ink’s feedback is honest, comprehensive, and full of fresh ideas. Fresh Ink specializes in young adult, memoir, literary, romance and thrillers. In addition to manuscript developmental editing, Fresh Ink offers query letter and synopsis critiques.

Whether you are an established author who wants to make sure your manuscript is ready for your agent’s eyes, a novice who’s never even shown your writing to your spouse, forget an editor, or an experienced self-published author looking for more polish, we're here to help.




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We Can Help With


We are sensitive to the needs of authors whose drafts have been previously unedited. It’s a rare unseen manuscript that doesn’t need significant revisions. Fresh Ink kindly and clearly lays out what needs to be done to get these manuscripts into final draft shape.


The indie book market is highly competitive and top indie authors know the importance of good developmental editing to set them apart from the pack. Fresh Ink will ensure your book has a professional polish.

Agented manuscripts

Manuscripts that are agented often need that extra, quick eye to ready them for editors. We'll go over agented books and zero in on what needs to be done to make them salable.


Query letters are the resumes of the publishing world. A great query letter can get your manuscript into the hands of an agent faster. Fresh Ink will help you develop a query letter that sparkles.

books under contract

Swamped publishers seek out our services for books under contract. Fresh Ink offers thorough developmental editing of the highest calibre to ready these books for the shelves.


Many literary agents require synopses. Distilling your book down to a single page can be a challenge. We'll help you meet that challenge and make sure you have a synopsis that will persuade agents to want to read more.