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Welcome to Fresh Ink Book Editing, a book editing service. A former literary agent, I offer developmental editing for manuscripts and nonfiction book proposals. My clients have secured deals with major publishing houses and successfully self-published. Read on to find out about my services, and if you're interested in one, fill out a form at the bottom of the page for a quote.  Reach me at (646) 653-2064, email@freshinkbookediting.com, or through the contact page.

Maya’s keen editorial eye made my novel shine.
— Clara Kensie, Run to You series (Harlequin)




An editorial letter is a six to eight page letter covering broad strokes topics such as structure, pacing, plot, characterization, and setting. A follow-up phone call is included. Here's a sample letter. Editorial letters usually cost between $750-$1200. Contact me about an editorial letter.


If your manuscript has been revised before, or you'd like a more granular approach to your edits, try a Substantive Edit. Suggestions for improvement are given in comment bubbles in the margins through Microsoft Word's Track Changes. A follow-up phone call is included.  Here's a sample substantive edit. Most substantive edits cost between $2500-4300. Contact me about a substantive edit.


As an agent and as a ghostwriter, I've worked on many nonfiction proposals. I'm familiar with the traditional structure and can ensure your proposal meets publishing standards. Nonfiction proposals are a delicate balance of marketing and compelling content, and my edits will help you achieve that balance. Contact me about nonfiction book proposal editing.


For clients on a budget, I recommend phone feedback. I'll read your manuscript, and provide feedback through an hour's phone call. Prices range between $370-$970, depending on the manuscript's word count. Contact me about phone feedback.



I offer two rounds of editing on query letters. The first is developmental editing and the second to polish it up. Available for $200. Contact me about query letter development.


I offer two rounds of editing on a synopsis. The first round is developmental editing, and the second to polish it up. Available for $200. Contact me about synopsis development.


Query developments, synopsis development and a line edit of the first ten pages. Get everything you need to go out to agents in its optimal condition--plus a free phone call to answer any questions you may have about the publishing process. $375. Contact me about agent prep packages.


The publishing industry can be confusing to first-time authors. I offer phone consulting for $100 per hour. I'll advise on the steps to approaching an agent, what to expect as you submit your material, and answer any other questions you may have. Contact me about phone consultations.


For clients who would like their best possible shot at getting an agent, I offer the Elite Manuscript & Agent Package. You'll get an editorial letter, a substantive edit, and query letter and synopsis development, with follow-up phone calls for each. Clients who receive this package should be prepared to work over the course of many months on readying their manuscripts for submission. By working with me over this period of time, you'll ensure that I have a deep understanding of the manuscript and how best to present it to agents. You'll also put some structure on your writing routine, as there will be several steps and due dates to get you to the finish line--the best manuscript you're capable of and a synopsis and query that sell it to agents and ensure you don't languish in the slush pile. There is a selection process for the Elite manuscript as I work closely with these clients and it's important our creative visions resonate. Contact me about the Elite package

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With an expert blend of honesty, logic, and care, Fresh Ink helped me isolate things to deepen, helped me identify elements to put aside for later, and directed me on the best ways to proceed through the story I am trying to tell.
— Dhonielle Clayton, The Belles (Hyperion)
Thank you, Fresh Ink, for your incredibly detailed critique. I had several ‘a-ha’ moments while reading your feedback. I also appreciate your affable, yet professional approach. I highly recommend your services.
— Allison Morgan, The Someday Jar (Berkley)