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Editorial Letter 

For a manuscript at the first draft stage, we usually recommend an Editorial Letter. We will read the manuscript and deliver a six to eight page Editorial Letter, covering topics such as structure, pacing, plot, characterization, and setting. Our suggestions may lead to major changes in the manuscript, such as merging characters or cutting entire plots.

Sample Editorial Letter

  • Starting at $750
  • Most Editorial Letters cost between $750-$1200


Agents often request synopses.  Fresh Ink can help you craft the perfect synopsis–one which will give an accurate and beguiling snapshot of your work.

We offer two rounds of editing on a synopsis. The first round gives editorial suggestions, and the second is devoted to smoothing the writing out so that it is error-free.

  • $175

Substantive editing

If your manuscript has been revised before, you might be ready for substantive editing. Fresh Ink will go through your manuscript line by line, offering suggestions in comment bubbles in the margins, and make minor additions and deletions within the text.  The edited manuscript will be accompanied by a one to two page editorial letter. 

Your revisions will be more targeted than those you would undertake with an editorial letter; think adding or subtracting words and paragraphs as opposed to scenes and chapters.

Sample Substantive Edit

  • Starting at $2000.
  • Most Substantive Edits cost between $2000-$4000
  • Partial Substantive Edits are possible for budget-conscious clients


Fresh Ink occasionally receives requests from authors who want to know if it’s worth their seeking out an agent. We'll read the manuscript and deliver a one-page letter that consists of a paragraph summarizing our opinion of the manuscript's strengths and weaknesses, followed by a final verdict of yes or no on a separate line, in response to the question of whether the author should pursue an agent at this point.

  • Starting at $450. 

query Letter development 

Query letters are at the front lines in your offensive to getting an agent. Fresh Ink, with our literary agent background,  will help create a letter that will entice the most jaded agent into requesting your manuscript.

We offer two rounds of editing on query letters. The first is developmental editing, and the second to polish it up.

  • $175

CHAPTER BY CHAPTER substantive Edit

Some authors prefer to get their feedback chapter by chapter.  The Chapter by Chapter service delivers a substantively edited chapter with a short note going over the major areas for improvements in the chapter.  

Working with less material allows for a very targeted analysis of a writer’s strengths and weaknesses on the prose level.  Turnaround times are faster, and writers often find that, armed with the feedback from Chapter by Chapter, they can apply the advice to the rest of their manuscripts on their own.